Daughters of the American Revolution Patriots
(updated 5/8/2012)
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Alexander Montgomery, James Alexander, and John Craig have been DAR approved as
soldiers who fought at The Battle of King's Mountain in the Company of Captain David
Beatie under the command of Colonel William Campbell. All three are my gggg
grandfathers. Alexander Montgomery served also as a militia Captain from Blount
County, Tennessee in The War of 1812.
Descendants of the three named men were living in Lawrence and Limestone Counties,
Alabama in 1820 per the first census of Alabama. Both Alexander Montgomery and
John Craig died in Limestone County. James Alexander may have died in either Maury
County, Tennessee (the last documented place of his residence) or in Lawrence County,
Alabama where at least 3 of his adult children are known to have resided.
The three men, Alexander Montgomery, James Alexander, and John Craig--all with
young families--lived at the time of the Battle of King's Mountain in Washington County,
Virginia. All were friends who became even closer as they migrated through and lived in
close proximity to Indian lands after the Revolutionary War.
In Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee John Montgomery (son of Alexander) married
his first cousin, Margaret Alexander in 1798. Margaret was the daughter of James
Alexander and the niece of Alexander Montgomery's wife Sarah. The marriage took
place only 2 years after Tennessee became a state.
Where Maryville is today, John Craig built a fort that was used as protection for settlers
from the Indians who harassed them and where battles were fought by the former "sharp
shooters" of the Revolutionary War. John Craig sold his land where the fort once stood
for the establishment of Maryville. A historical marker today identifies the former site of
the old fort in the center of Maryville.
John Craig's granddaughter Susan Craig married James M. Montgomery, the son of John
and Margaret Montgomery, in Limestone County, Alabama. Their son, Robert Craig
Montgomery, was born in Lawrence County, Alabama in 1833. Robert Craig is my great
grandfather. Three other children of John and Margaret Montgomery married children of
John Craig.
All this is documented in the book, John and Margaret Alexander Montgomery Pioneers
from Virginia to Lawrence County, Alabama (1775-1856). Pub. 2009,Author, Susan M.