The current genealogy research of the John and Margaret Alexander Mongomery family began approximately five years ago when some of their descendants questioned the accuracy of past family genealogical research.  After reading The Montgomerys and Their Descendants  by the highly respected author D. B. Montgomery, they discovered something was not right with their own John and Margaret Montgomery's ancestry that had been published  in a well-known  family book in 1969.  With the objective to repair what had been found wrong in their Montgomery ancestry, several cousins began a detailed study. 

What began as a search for John Montgomery's correct ancestry broadened into his wife Margaret's Alexander ancestry and to several other families that were connected through marriage to them. Three other families that were studied are:  Houston, Craig, and Nelson.

Information was gathered from family papers, other family members, government archive documents, genealogy publications and the Montgomery DNA project. Several family members have participated in this effort and at least three known descendants of John and Margaret have participated in the Montgomery DNA Project.

Significant findings are:

1. Previous writings suggested that the ancestry of John Montgomery was the James and Ann Montgomery of Donegal, Ireland. The DNA project, the writings of D.B. Montgomery, other research and the Daughters of the American Revolution have proved this to be incorrect.

2. It has been suggested by some of John Montgomery and Margaret Alexander Montgomery descendants that John Montgomery was likely a descendant of John and Esther Houston Montgomery of Ulster, Ireland. The DNA results have placed John and Margaret's family in a group which indicates "There is greater than 98% probability of a common ancestor with in the past 7 generations among the family group members".  Using the DNA results and the information from the book on the John and Esther Houston Montgomery family, it is clear that the most likely common ancestor is this John Montgomery.

3. The researchers drew their conclusions from evidence that was gathered through a wide variety of resources. They determined that the story of John and Margaret Alexander Montgomery had a central theme – their Presbyterian faith. Much of the key evidence was found among church related documents that began with the establishment in Virginia during the 1740's by their grandparents of the Timber Ridge Church. There was a failed attempt in Maury, Tennessee to found a church. After that John succeeded in founding the Old Prospect Presbyterian Church in northern Alabama in 1820.

4. It was discovered that the same families were found in the same geographic areas from the 1740's through the early 1800's. This started with the neighbors in the Borden Manor and Beverley Manor grants in Virgina through their migration via southwestern Virginia, through Tennessee to Alabama. They even fought together at Kings Mountain and were witnesses on each others legal documents. Finally, there are records of the intermarriage of the children of these families.